Bettors Community Token

KOIN is DApp run on EOS block-chain to facilitate Bettors interaction.

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Place in EOS holder to participate in an opportunity sharing offering.

True Value Offering & Better, than Any Offering

This is not an ICO activity, but an opportunity sharing offering. Members and Founder share the same benefits result, no free token distribute to Founder, all KOIN hold by Founder came from his own fund and convert to the same rate as other members.

Every EOS token collected is saved securely at the KOIN smart contract, and can be withdrawn at any time. Deposit and Withdraw doesn't depend on any Exchange; all functions are integrated in the KOIN smart contract. Price is calculated based on current supply divide by total EOS in smart contract account.

Value resulted from bettors activity will distribute to all members immediately in term of token supply, which is directly impacted to the token price (Price=Current Supply/Total EOS).

The value shared comes from a percentage of surplus or deficit in each game session. In Dice, Free Dice, Lucky Wheel, TOTO, and Soccer, value sharing is 100% of surplus/deficit. In Lotto4x20, Lotto5x36, Lotto6x45, value sharing is 30% from surplus, and 70% will go to the jackpot pooled prize. Surplus value will reduce token supply and Deficit value (after deducting from the jackpot pooled prize) will increase token supply.

Koin DApp   -   Founder
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Bettor to Bettor

Each token holder can be an active or passive bettors, stake as a bettor or position against them.

Fair distribution

No special treatment to Founder. Token hold by Founder came from the Founder's own fund as other members do.

Small fee

No Transaction fee, no deposit fee, small withdraws fee and small winner fee.

Smart & Transparent

Value distributes immediately into token supply. All Activity recorded and traceable in block-chain using EOS block explorer.

Secure Interaction

All things happened at the smart contract and interaction using Scatter-JS that enabled secure and seamlessly from any popular EOSIO wallet.

Easy To deposit & withdraw

Deposit & Withdraw integrated to KOIN smart contract, no needs for external Exchange.

Token & Smart Contract

KOIN token & smart contract is released on EOS block-chain. Its compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Current Supply
Total EOS

Current Supply & Price

Current Supply not only depends on deposit and withdraw activity, but also depends on the surplus or deficit value cause by active bettors activity.

  • Price = - Koin/EOS

    Price = Current supply / Total EOS

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Development Activity

We carefully design and build optimum KOIN DApp run in EOS platform that allow no transaction fees, consume minimum CPU, NET and RAM. Our decentralized random number generators bring fairness and tamper-resistance in the process of generating numbers to ensure a fair game for all bettors.

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There are KOIN and EOS in your account.

Current Price is - Koin/EOS

Your KOIN is equivalent to EOS

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Game Area

Koin Dapp provides fair game for the bettors with the small fee applies only to the winner.

  • Dice
    Symmetric Dice

    Roll <50 or >51

    Play Now
  • Free Dice
    Asymmetric Dice

    Roll to < your target

    Play Now
  • Lucky Wheel
    Instant Lottery

    Spin to win 20x, 10x, 5x, 2x

    Play Now
  • Lottery
    Pool Lottery

    Stake together to win

    Play Now
  • TOTO
    Asian LOTTO

    Stake for 1D/2D/3D/4D (a.k.a Togel)

    Play Now
  • LOTTO4x20
    LOTTO 4x20

    Choose 4 balls from 20

    Play Now
  • LOTTO5x36
    LOTTO 5x36

    Choose 5 balls from 36

    Play Now
  • LOTTO6x45
    LOTTO 6x45

    Choose 6 balls from 45

    Play Now
  • Soccer
    1x2, Asian Handicap, Odd/Even

    Bet on your favourite team

    Play Now
  • Comming Soon
    Comming Soon

    On Research & Development

    Play Now
  • Comming Soon
    Comming Soon

    On Research & Development

    Play Now
  • Comming Soon
    Comming Soon

    On Research & Development

    Play Now

Frequently asked questions

KOIN token is a crypto currency token on the EOS platform. KOIN token are the mechanism to record member's participation in KOIN community and to share immediate benefits to them.
KOIN DApp is a smart contract run on EOS platform, issue KOIN token and provides functions to serve all bettor's without founder intervention. Transaction data and logs are saved at block-chain and can be transparently traced with EOS block explorer.
Active bettors can use it to play any Game provide by KOIN DApp, and Passive bettors are taking the position against them.
First, if you believe in block-chain future value and you believe in peer-to-peer concept, just stake you’re idle EOS token in KOIN token and see the value grow.
Second, there are no free token distribute to founder, so founder does not take any initial benefit from others. The value is a pure base on bettors activity.
The minimum participation is 1 EOS token. No fee applies to Deposit, and Withdraw fee is 1%.
First, even though there were no free tokens distribute to founder, but founder were also participant, so the founder would share the value as other members.
Second, founder can take benefit from withdrawing fee and winner fee after web hosting fee, maintenance fee and marketing fee.
There are many third parties Block Explore can be used to track KOIN DApp activity, one of them is EOS block explorer.
Transparently you can check your LOTTERY/TOTO/LOTTO4x20/LOTTO5x36/LOTTO6x45 ticket through table viewer provided by block explore
Transparently drawn results from Dice, Free Dice and Lucky Wheel can be checked immediately using block explorer. Drawn results from Lottery/TOTO/LOTTO can be checked after session closing time using block explorer.
In Dice, Free Dice, and Lucky Wheel, prize is transfer immediately. In Pool Lottery, TOTO and Lotto, prize will transfer automatically after result at closing time of each session.
There is no transaction free, and the winner fee depends on the game. The lottery winner fee is 2%; Toto winner fee is 2%; and Lotto winner fee is 2%.
Community will take 50% of the TOTO winner fee and founder will take 100% from Withdraw, Lottery, and Lotto winner fee after web hosting fee, maintenance fee and marketing fee.

Term and Conditions

This opportunity is open for all token holders. If you are looking to participate in KOIN token, you should checks if it is legal in your country and you should agree that participates in Crypto Token has been very rewarding and risky at the same time.

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